“Intrinsic Or Extrinsic ? Which One Is Better.”

Self motivation is the motivation which is intrinsic motivation in which we push ourselves or our inner stint to perform a particular task which is difficult. Self motivation is always helpful but nowadays people are interdependent on each other instead of finding a solution and thinking by our own. we believe more on other’s suggestion. It often happened with me that I did what people said. Talking about my personal experience after high school I didn’t knew what to do choose which part of career shall I choose C.A was quite trending at that time and I started C.A as a career then I started loosing interest as that wasn’t the thing which I wanted to do, Until graduation I was clueless what to do then when you get some offers from campus which offers incentive and we push ourselves towards money and then we start to loose interest in studies but I did work for a year motivated myself to complete my masters and go for MBA instead of my own self I listened to people around me and what they did was monitored by me instead of myself, they got some degree jobs, i was there where I didn’t even started it was a negative moment for me then I started thinking myself, likes, dislikes, hobbies and many more.

I feel we shall take our own time think about ourselves and motivate and push ourselves in the path we want to do not what others want us to be.

Think what you want to be and achieve it, Motivate yourself, Dream big and go all out to achieve it.

Looking at above image we can understand the person looks at his future in the mirror, he motivates himself that if he works hard now then he can achieve what he planned.

Lets do a small activity, look at yourself in a mirror as shown in the image and now ask yourself 3 questions.
1. What are you doing now to enhance your career?
2. What are the goals in your life?
3. What is your plan and how will you push yourself to achieve it?

After going through the above questions you will know yourself better and when you look in the mirror or talk to yourself regards to career or anything you will answer that more precisely it will give you more confidence and positivity and will help you to know yourself better.

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